CrossFit Tsukiji クロスフィット築地

★104-0045東京都中央区築地3-1-1-1F&2F クロスフィット築地
★TEL 090-8104-3456/03-6661-6147 FAX03-6661-6148
★入会金 0円
★ウェイトリフティング競技パーソナルレッスン /会員50分5500円(税込)。

★ 104-0045 3-1-1-1F Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo & 2F Crossfit Tsukiji
★ TEL 090-8104-3456 / 03-6661-6147 FAX 03-6661-6148
★ You can visit from 6:00 to 23:00. Please contact Sawabe Manager (090-9786-8033).
★ Open campaign admission fee 10,000 yen → 0 yen, monthly membership fee 7700 yen (tax included)
★ Daily membership fee 2500 yen (tax included). Please contact Sawabe Manager (090-9786-8033).
★ Mikiko Andoh, who belongs to this facility, won the bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games in the weightlifting competition and the bronze medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.
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★↓This is a preservation site of the tournament that we sponsored in 2016.
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